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Memory Quilt Services

Everyone has at least once in their life experiences the loss of someone so special they cannot bring their selves to give away their clothing . For some it is unbearable and almost feels disrespectful . We can create a one of a kind quilt(s)

that you can Wrap yourself in the memories of a quilt created with the clothes of your loved one who has passed . Every piece of cloth has a story that is unique and can be a comfort when you need it. It is like a BIG HUG whenever you need it.

Or perhaps you have a drawer full of special T-shirts from concerts you have been to over the years or sport teams . It is hard to give up the memories but all they do is remain in a drawer or packed away in a box waiting to be warn again. We all say say that every time we decide to down size our lives. But the pile just keeps growing.

Set them free!! Enjoy them once again in a quilt that can be enjoyed everyday and passed on in the future. Let us create a Quilt that will celebrate and tell the story of your life.

We can make a Quilts or Wall Art for any event such as a 

  • charity event 
  •  anniversary
  •  wedding day memories with hand stitched  guest messages
  •  travel memories
  •  graduation
  • Family history quilts
  •  Childhood memories
  •  Life's achievements 
  •  retirement 
  • Birthdays such as 40th, 50th, or maybe 100th
  • and sew many more .....

Contact us and we will see what we

can create for you!

This is the list of prices for a Creative Memory Quilt made from clothing such as Shirts, Ties, denim, baby or children's clothes such as the following sample pictures......

***These are approximate prices and are subjected to change depending on

what materials are being used in your quilt, whether it is hand quilted or machine quilted, the detail of the costs will always be explained to you at the time we meet. We always try our best to stay within the prices above.***

Please feel free to contact us to ask questions, we would be happy to help you!

Here is some design ideas for creating memories.

Go to our Photo gallery page and see more 

Ask about our Baby Blanky Bears and 

Memory Bears...

Granny's Mohair Coat

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