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Custom made Quilts or Quilt finishing ​Services

  • Have you started to make a quilt but are too frustrated to finish it?
  • Do you not enjoy sewing , but admire the art and would love have a quilt of your own?
  • Do you love to make quilt tops but do not enjoy quilting and binding the quilt?

 We can provide that service for you!​​​

Hand Quilting​ by SewFine Designs

Love making quilt tops? Have a special project that deserves to be hand quilted? We would be happy to quilt it for you at an affordable price. Email us for a quote or to set up a meeting.

Here at Sew Fine Quilting we are proud to offer our Hand Quilting Services. We believe in carrying on the Traditions that have been passed down through the generations. Whether it be an Heirloom Quilt or a new Quilt top we take the same in care providing quality stitching .

Maintaining the integrity of the design is important.

WE charge by the square foot for hand-quilting which includes the strong Egyptian cotton quilting thread .

For example to hand quilt a 78" x *84" using outline of the block or straight line quilting it would be calculated as follows:

6.5' x 7'= 45.5 sq.ft. @ $8.00 a ft = $364.00 + 18.20tx = $382.20

See below for chart sizes and approximate prices for hand -quilting only or email for a quote and instructions .

All orders for Hand Quilting are done by

Kathy Burns

Program Director

Experienced and Award winning quilter

(Students are being trained but are not ready yet) 

Hand Quilting Price List

All prices are subjected to change without notice , The prices above are approximate and will be discussed at time of meeting .

Let us Create a Quilt for You!

Commissioned  Quilt Services

  • Have some quilt blocks that have been hanging around for years?
  • Have you  found some of Grandma's unfinished quilt blocks and would like them made into a quilt? 
  • Have you found an antique heirloom quilt you would like repaired ?
  • Don't have time to make a quilt but would love a one of a kind creation? 
  • Would like a wall hanging or quilt to hang in your home as part of your decor?

Email us for more info and let us get to work for you. We love a challenge!


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​Other services we ​provide:

Free Motion Quilting

Quilting & Binding a Quilt Top

Hand Embroidery Blocks or Quilt Labels

Hand stitched binding

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