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T-Shirt Memory Quilts

For our T shirt quilts we use a quilt as you go method instead of quilting the whole quilt at once we do it in sections. We then reinforce all of the seams with a decorative stitch when we assemble it.

We will provide you with a quote before we begin the job. If your quilt required any extra materials or you have any special requests there may be a charge . This will be agreed upon before we begin.

All Quilts are worked on  by a team of students . Each person has strengths and thus has a significant roll in completing a memory quilt.

Below you will find the Standard prices for a T-shirt quilt. Any extras such as detailed quilting, embroidery, flannel or fleece backing or requests for special fabric will cost extra.

All t-shirts and clothing for memory quilts must be washed and free and clear of any animal hair before we accept them. 

Please feel free to contact us for a set of preparation instruction and for any further questions you may have.

We look forward to creating everlasting memories for you and your family. 

* Blocks in the diagrams below will measure in the range of 12 " x 12"  to 15" x 15"

*Abstract quilts like the one in the picture includes ribbons from awards, badges and other sentimental items and sports memorabilia . Prices for this kind of quilt is subjected to a higher price will be quoted once we have seen what you will want included in the quilt.

*Prices include sashing, borders, poly/cotton blend batting, iron on cotton stablizer, cotton fabric for backing, thread and basic machine quilting.

*Detailed machine quilting,  hand quilting  or hand embroidered messages throughout the quilt will be an additional cost. 

*included in the price is a hand embroidered label on the back of the quilt which can be a personalized message.

*Although we make all efforts to keep within the prices we show below, due to the increase in cost of materials the cost to make the quilt may be a bit more. This will be discussed and quoted to you before any work order begins.WE will always use quality materials.

Couch Throw

Approx: 54" x 68"

12-15 t-shirts

$375 - $475 +tx


approx: 70" x 90"

20 t-shirts

$475 - $550 + TX

Double Size

approx : 85" x 95"

25 T-shirts

$550 - $600 +tx

Queen Size

Approx: 90" x 100"

25-30 t-shirts

$600 - $725 + tx

King Size

approx 100" x 100"

48-54 . T -Shirts

$850-- $950+ tx